Bill 88 regarding expansion of Children's Aid Society services and funding must be stopped


This campaign is to stop Bill 88 from being passed by the Ontario Legislature.  Stopping this bill will stop CAS agencies from being given the mandate to provide care for children up until the age of 24 years of age.  Bill 88, if passed, will in essence make CAS agencies in Ontario private welfare organizations funded by the government.  This will add huge costs on to the taxpayers of Ontario.


Participation in the campaign is easy. 

1) Read the template letter. Readers should familiarize themselves about the issue by reading the attachments.
2) (optional) If you would like to make any personal modifications to the letter to suite your own style of writing or to ad some of your own thoughts on the subject of the letter then do so.
3) Once finished then press the send button.  For this campaign, letters will be sent to all MPP's in the Ontario Legislature
4) Participants in Ontario only should contact their local MPP to verify that their personal letter to their own MPP was received. Ask your local MPP to provide you with a written response.  While those outside of Ontario can support the campaign, only residents of Ontario can call their local MPP.

If If you find that your letter was not received by your local MPP then send a message to

Who can participate

Anyone from Canada is welcome to participate as long as they have a valid name, address and email address.

Recipients of your letter

The letter will go out to all of the MPP's in Ontario. It is important that only real names, addresses and phone numbers be used otherwise politicians will not take letters seriously.


If you have any questions about the issues or would like to help in other ways then send a message to




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