Letter to Ontario MPP's regarding Ontario CAS corruption

I am severely concerned for the families and children of the province of Ontario and would like to bring to your attention what is happening within the Child Protection Industry.

I call it an industry for the following reason. It is big business. The CAS of Ontario are legally a private company (registered charity according to tax returns) but publicly funded. There is no bidding done, it is a monopoly. Guaranteed income. Plus, the same company is paid to take kids, then paid to keep them, then paid to adopt them out, and the person adopting also gets paid if they adopt a child a certain age until the child is an adult no matter what their income is, which is substantially larger than the amount a low income person receives to help support their child from Ontario Works and Child Tax Benefits. They get paid regardless if their actions are justified or not. No business stays open if it is not making a profit. There is also no whistle blower protection. It creates a conflict of interest when the same company is doing multiple interconnecting jobs especially with zero oversight.

They play off of the publics fear of child abuse and neglect to guarantee more funding. No one wants to see a child hurt. And those who do should be punished accordingly. However the current system is hurting the innocent parents with the intent of "prevention". All this prevention being done and I still see abuse in the newspaper. It is not realistic to prevent all child abuse from happening. I really wish we could, but it is not possible. Foster parents believe they are "helping the poor children" and really do have good intentions sometimes. Other times they want to adopt a baby and know the easiest way to do so is to become a foster parent. Often the foster parents are child abusers and know kids from bad homes are unlikely to disclose abuse or be believed. How many times has a foster parent been convicted of sex crimes against children in recent years. It is well known that most child abusers tend to work in professions with children. Judges tend to side with the CAS "just in case". No one wants to be known as the person who sent a kid back to a potentially abusive home. Judges also take the word of these non social workers as truth. The court process is also extremely slow.

Time is of the utmost importance with peoples lives especially children. Again, criminals obtain faster trials. CAS often delays court as long as possible, because as soon as kids are in care for a year they can apply to adopt them out. Often the parents have no hope in court as instead of CAS having to prove their case the parents are expected to prove their innocence. Causing a reverse onus of proof. The charter is suppose to protect us against this I thought. The workers often make claims that they have concerns but have zero evidence to back up the concerns. No one is ever charged for perjury even if it is proven they lied under oath. Leaving the children and families of this province helpless. They then lose everything if they are low income parents, their housing as they either cant afford it without the kids or are downgraded if in provincial housing. The CAS then use this against the parents. It creates a cycle. The CAS are not paid for HELPING a family with resources, they are paid to take kids. If a parent ASKS for help, the CAS use it against them. They also routinely shame and blame victims. This is a recipe for corruption and abuse of power.

No one really questions their actions. We all just quietly assume they are doing the job we intend for them to do with our tax dollars.
We realized that private prisons and jails were a bad idea in this province and made CNCC in Penetanguishene publicly run again, however we seem to be OK with the fact that our child welfare system is privately run. so what was not OK for our criminals is OK for our children and families. Are we more concerned for criminals in Ontario than children?

There is no oversight or accountability of CAS in Ontario. The Ombudsman is not allowed to investigate. Again criminals have more oversight that they are treated properly. In fact there is a little law that states that no action can be taken against a worker even for wrongdoing. This goes against everything I thought a free and democratic society was meant to be. No one should be above the law. Again, it creates a recipe for corruption.

The CAS do not hire Registered Social Workers as mandated by section 28 regulation 70 of the Child And Family Services Act and sections 46 and 47 of the Social Work and Social Service Work Act of Ontario, punishable by section 55. However the respective college refuses to enforce the law, despite having the power to. They do not register to avoid being accountable to the college. The only accountability currently possible. The CFSRB cannot get involved in a case before the courts, and the Ministry only gets involved with procedures not being followed, not personal cases. When they say the coroner office is oversight I cringe to think that a child must die in their care BEFORE anything is done, this goes directly against their ideology of prevention. They take children on a "risk" to prevent possible things from happening with their parents, but refuse to take action to minimize or prevent risks in care? Take a look at the Motherrisk scandal as an example of the corruption that has happened as a result of the current system in place. I fear that the current Liberal government of Ontario is encouraging an abuse of power by their inaction and refusal to remedy these issues despite fact they have been brought to their attention. The problems will not fix themselves.

These "non" social workers who hide behind the title of "Child Protection Worker" often are used as pawns in it all. They believe they are "just doing their job" meanwhile they have been trained by the CAS to see everyday things as abuse and neglect. Also, according to the CFSA a child protection worker is only meant to act under section 40, which does not involve investigations, decision making and ongoing carriage, rather apprehending a child at an immediate risk of harm and bringing the child to a place of safety. The CAS use apprehensions as a first resort instead of a last resort as the law was intended. Again, it is more profitable for them to apprehend, but is it in the child's best interest? Often they separate siblings as well causing bonding and emotional issues.

The emotional harm a child endures going through an apprehension and being separated from their parents is severe. It is their rights under the UN Convention on the rights of the child ( especially articles 7 and 9) to have the right to their parents unless competent authorities deem otherwise. An unregistered social worker is not very competent and it is irresponsible of the government to not ensure they are registered when they are working for the public from public tax dollars.
I am extremely concerned that genocide is currently continuing to happen in Ontario, that "residential schools" simply changed to "foster care" and "group homes".
The death rate of children in care is extremely high. The children are statistically safer even with bad parents. If they are doing a better job parenting than why are kids continuing to die in their care or under their eyes? This prevention ideology does not seem to be working.

CAS are taking kids from parents based on a "risk of harm". Such risks can simply be kids ages and parents source of income. This needs to stop. The parents dont even need to do anything wrong to lose their kids forever. Can you imagine if this was done to you? It is an unfair prosecution. Punish those who commit the crimes. It is extremely unjust to punish those who have done no wrong. The CAS often abuse the meaning of the law if someone stands up for themselves to them. They imply that a lack of cooperation is proof of wrongdoing. This is a very unjust opinion. In most democratic societies people are encouraged to protest and stand up for what they believe needs to change. It is embraced as necessary in a free society. Otherwise without it woman would not currently be allowed to even vote. Why is Ontario treating people like if they rock the boat they will be forced to conform. Do we want a society of sheep? Or do we want our children to grow to be leaders? Remember at one time people were sentenced to death for believing the world was round. Think of where we would be as a society if no one ever took a stance on an issue. It also creates a society where the parents live in fear of the CAS and their own children. The children threaten the parents to get their own way, not fully understanding the consequences of their actions. An example is a 12 year old child tells mother if you do not get me a new Iphone I will call CAS and tell them you have emotionally abused me. This is not teaching our children how to be productive adults. The CAS will also use it against someone if they themselves were ever in their care. Is CAS therefore admitting they have done a bad job parenting?

I am concerned that parents are not allowed to decide what is right for their own children and that we have created a nanny state with helicopter parenting. That we are forced to bubble wrap our children, or risk losing them.

I am willing to share some personal experiences if you would be interested in hearing the personal side of how this is impacting the families of Ontario.
In closing I am very concerned at the current system we have in Ontario and the resulting corruption. These are all systematic problems. We need to ensure this is reigned in before any further irreparable damage is done.

Please inform me as to how you, and your government party plan on remedying these issues.

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